Commissions are temporarily closed while I focus on developing the Weebservations YouTube channel. You can support my video work on Patreon here.

Weebservations is supported entirely through commissions from readers like you! Click here to commission me on Ko-fi for a personalized analysis of any movie, TV show, anime series, or other piece of audiovisual media that’s non-interactive, like a documentary or even a YouTube video. (I’m not yet taking commissions for books, comics, manga, music or video games, but I am hoping to expand these options in the future.) You can also support my YouTube channel by becoming a patron on Patreon.

Please include a link to your request’s IMDB, Wiki page, MyAnimeList, or other source to avoid any confusion about the title, and please include your contact information (twitter or email), so I can inquire about the request if necessary and notify you when the review goes up! Finally, please note what name you would like to be credited under, if any.

I will accept analysis requests for specific episodes or irregular portions of a TV series (i.e. “episodes 1-9 of Naruto”), as long as they are not heavily context-dependent on previous material (“episodes 229-238 of One Piece” would not be allowed). You can always include second choices in your commission or message me on Twitter or by email to ask about unusual cases ahead of time.

Posts will be published on within 30 days of your submission, and you will receive a message when it goes up! If your choice of media cannot be honored for any reason (access problems, ethical conflicts), I will follow-up with you as soon as possible for a second choice or a full refund. Thank you so much for your support!

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